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Tutoring at the WORD Studio will give you unrivaled professional experience no matter what your post-graduation plans are, and immeasurably enrich your own communication skills.  All majors are welcome, and anyone in their freshman, sophomore, and junior years are welcome to apply. 

In order to tutor at the WORD Studio, you will need to apply to get into the one-credit class the semester before you begin tutoring.  It is called PCA 225/EDUC 225: Rhetoric and Communication for Peer Mentors.  Students in this class report that the class is meaningful far beyond its application to tutoring: you’ll learn especially about equity and justice in higher education.  Because of the intensive one-on-one mentoring each student in the class receives, the class is capped at 10 students.  In order to get a spot, you’ll need to apply to be in the class.  Applications are due by midnight on March 1st for admission into the Fall 2021 PCA 225 tutor training class, and by midnight on October 15th for the Spring 2022 PCA 225 tutor training class.  You will be notified of the decision in time for class registration. 

By the deadline, email the first three of the following materials to the Director, Dr. Pawlowski, at

  1. a one-page single-spaced (or less) cover letter telling me why you want to tutor, and what experiences and values have prepared you to tutor
  2. a writing sample of any length--please make it something you submitted for a college class here at SLU, and make it academic writing (not creative writing)
  3. a resume or cv
  4. ask a professor to send me an email stating that they recommend you (it needn’t be longer than one sentence) because of your demeanor and/or academic abilities. (If you were already recommended by a professor, there is no need to complete this step.)

The process is competitive; the Director usually receives 30 applications for these 10 spots.  Therefore, please be as professional as possible as you craft your application.  We want to see your very best self! The Center for Career Excellence is a good resource as you craft your materials. In fact, our Center for Career Excellence is giving a resume workshop on Monday Oct 11th from 6pm-7pm to help you with your resume for this position in particular.  Register here.  

The Director then reviews the applications herself with this criteria in mind:

  1.  Previous work experience indicating that you know how to interact with people (camp counseling, for example, is one previous experience for tutors)
  2.  Strong communication skills as evidenced in your application materials, especially your writing sample
  3.  Good reasons for wanting to be a tutor that indicate tutoring won’t be just resume padding for you, or just another generally “good experience”

There is also a preference given for multilingual—especially ESOL—applicants, BIPOC students, students interested in social justice, and students from across the academic disciplines (not just English, although English majors are very welcome to apply).  Therefore, please be sure to identify these qualities in your cover letter if you have them. 

Tutors are paid $8.30/hour--not just for tutoring, but for all professional development activities, including presenting at academic conferences, serving on various committees to improve our operations and launch new initiatives, being mentored by me and mentoring each other, and anything related to your employment.  Tutors tutor between 4-14 hours/week, and also attend a one-hour weekly staff meeting.  Want to learn more about what it's like to work at the WORD Studio? Book an appointment with any of our tutors to chat about it, or contact the Director at