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This one-semester course is an introduction to the basic concepts and inter-relationships needed to understand the complexities of environmental problems. A survey of the characteristics of natural environments and human populationsis followed by a study of environmental degradation and alternative solutions to environmental problems. The student is introduced to the roles of many disciplines (including both the natural and social sciences) in the study of environmental problems. The emphasis is on interdisciplinary thinking.

Kearney Coupland
Fall 2023
Course Code:
ENVS 101
Environmental Studies


Indexes literature dealing with the environment, pollution, and energy. Includes significant full text of scholarly and popular journal articles, book chapters, book reviews, conference papers and dissertations.
Environmental articles from scholarly & general literature.
Science & Social Science Journals.
Materials relating to all aspects of agriculture, forestry and animal science.
Indexes key scholarship in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.  Contains significant full text of books, book chapters, journal articles book reviews, pamphlets, and many primary sources.
Indexes key journals from many different disciplines.  Contains significant full text of scholarly and popular journal articles and book reviews.