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If you are doing a large research project and need a place to safely store your books, stop by the Library Service Desk to reserve a study carrel for the semester. Space is limited, so seniors get first choice.

At the close of the semester, we will send a reminder email to return or renew your materials to the Service Desk and let us know if you will need your study carrel for the following as well.

These are not lockable compartments, so the carrels are not meant to store your laptop or other valuables.

The study carrels are numbered. To reserve a carrel, please note the number you want which is located in the upper right hand corner of the carrel. Then come to the ODY Library Desk and a staff member will gladly assist you.

If you have any questions or find that someone is using your study carrel please contact Mitch Bresett-McCormick Library Desk Coordinator at ext. 5337 or at

Study Carrels - ODY Tree Room