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What is Open Access?

"Open Access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions." - Peter Suber

Why Open Access?

"Funders invest in research in order to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, encourage innovation, enrich education, and stimulate the economy – to improve the public good.  They recognize that broad access to the results of research is an essential component of the research process itself. Research advances only through sharing of results, and the value of an investment in research is only maximized through wide use of its results." - SPARC

Open Access Resources

Ways to Get Involved:

Open Access Publishing - Tools and Help:

Policy Development:

  • Harvard's Model Open-Access Policy (PDF)
    The following is a model open-access policy in the Harvard style — with a freely waivable rights-retaining license and a deposit requirement. This language is based on and informed by the policies voted by several Harvard faculties, as well as MIT, Stanford University School of Education, Duke University, and others
  • Harvard's Good Practices for University Open-Access Policies
    Developed by the Harvard Open Access Project - this is a guide to good practices for university open-access (OA) policies.

Frequently Asked Questions and (Myth-Busting) Regarding Open Access