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The program is an initiative to make bikes available to the campus community in the hope that people will choose to use the bikes as transportation in place of a car for campus and local ventures. Green Bikes are available to SLU Students, staff, and Faculty only, and circulate for 4 hours. Bikes are available during the academic year. Renewals are not permitted.

Bikes are available Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-8pm.  Click here to see if a bike is available!

When students, staff, or faculty request a bike for the first time they will be asked to sign two waiver forms: one for the bike and one for the helmet.  Patrons will also be issued a key for lock that secures each bike.

Bikes should be returned to the bike rack outside the Science Library's front entrance, and the key and helmet are returned to the circulation desk.

For a brief description and history of the program please visit the University's Green Pages.