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Business Case Study is an upper level undergraduate course that is designed to provide students with the necessary tools to effectively analyze and interpret real world business problems and to develop thoughtful and intelligent solutions to those challenges. Through a series of speakers and case analysis, students will discuss and understand a variety of business principles such as corporate vision/mission, SWOT analysis, innovation vs. imitation, leadership, constructing an argument, and presentation skills. This course is designed to be highly interactive with an emphasis on class participation, team work, and experiential learning. Students will be asked to draw from personal experience, observation, and current/past events. Students will demonstrate understanding of business concepts through a series of weekly papers and brief presentations. This course concludes with the practical experience of a Case Study Competition judged by alumni and local business professionals. This course satisfies the experiential learning component of the Business in Liberal Arts Major. This course is .5 cu and mandatory pass/fail. Jrs. and Srs. only.

Marty Whalen
Spring 2024
Course Code:
ND 255