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How and why do gender, race and class disparities in health emerge in the US and Canada? This course will critique policy in the US and Canada historically and in the contemporary period, including attention to the local area. Keeping in mind students' positionalities, we will explore policy impacts of states on markets, households and voluntary sectors shaping health and health care in these neighboring countries, both white settler systems categorized as 'liberal' welfare states. In critically approaching these jurisdictions we will explore diverse experiences of health, illness, and health care in the broader context of global capitalism. This course will be important for those with a wide range of interests: from students seeking to understand how and why we got to the present state of crises in health, the economy and society in the US and Canada to those interested in business and the liberal arts to those in interested in public policy. Students are not expected to have preparation in the social sciences or humanities.Course is multi listed with Canadian Studies ( CNS ) and Gender Studies( GNDR )-counting towards minor

Alison Jenkins Jayman
Fall 2023
Course Code:
GS 3058
Global Studies