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This course explores the magnificence of forests and trees. We study both the conservation of old-growth forests as well as the establishment of new forests, hence the title of the course - Once and Future Forest. This is an applied, field-oriented, community service, project-based course with a strong focus on the North Country. The in-class portion of the class focuses on forest and tree ecology, and the history of forest disturbance in the North Country. With the lab portion of the course, you learn how to conduct a forest evaluation as part of the ongoing North Country Old-Growth Program initiated in the fall of 2005. The intent of this course is to deepen your appreciation of forests and trees, our awe-inspiring older brothers. The course is also an ESP course and therefore includes content on what is happening to forests and what can be done about it (i.e. science and policy). Note: warm winter clothing is required for this class. Prerequisite: Environmental Studies 101. Fulfills the NS-L distribution ( 2013 curriculum)

Jon Rosales
Fall 2023
Course Code:
ENVS 326
Environmental Studies