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Many people want to explore the galaxy, seeking alien life but Earth already hosts a bountiful supply and its all around us! Lobster, shrimp, insects, spiders and other Arthropods are everywhere and are incredibly important in our lives (food, agriculture, fisheries, biomedical research, etc.). So are other invertebrate animals like squid, octopus, sponges, corals, jellyfish, clams, worms, snails, and seastars and many have weird, fascinating anatomies, behaviors, and ecological roles. Want to discover them and understand the bulk of all animal life on the planet? This course is ideal for sophomores and juniors who are looking to broaden their understanding of biodiversity, environmental science and biomedical applications. Lectures and one laboratory per week. Prerequisites: BIOL 101, 102 or equivalent. This elective course provides credit for the Biology, Conservation Biology, and Biology-Environmental Studies majors.

Brad Baldwin
Fall 2023
Course Code:
BIOL 215