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St. Lawrence University President William L. Fox

In honor of William Fox’s retirement, after a presidency of twelve years, we have created a display of images and objects related to his time(s) at St Lawrence. 

President Fox played a major role in seeing the college through both the great recession and the current pandemic, and he also has been key in navigating the Campaign for Every Laurentian. 

His initiatives on campus have included curricular evolution and bringing diversity and inclusion to the forefront.  All of this in service to his aspirations for what a St. Lawrence liberal arts education means, aspirations he defined in an essay he wrote titled “Laurentian School Ties”: The goal at St. Lawrence is not to have its students merely taught, but to have them awakened, enlivened, and made aware.  Awareness is the beginning of compassion, and compassion draws from a deep place we can discover during a time of daily wonder.

The display is on the main level of ODY, near the circulation desk.  It includes not only images of Dr. Fox as President—but as a student.  Remember he is a Laurentian class of 1975!