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This course presents students with various techniques for applying the scientific method to behavioral research. It also emphasizes effective communication through scientific writing. Students learn about observational, correlational and experimental research designs. They have the opportunity to apply these designs in the laboratory while investigating relevant psychological phenomena. Appropriate statistical procedures and computer software are used to analyze the data from these labs. For this reason it is required that the student take a course in Statistics (STAT-113) prior to PSYC-205. The course counts toward the minor in Statistics, the Public Health Minor, and the Neuroscience Major (behavioral track). It is intended for NRSCI and Psychology Majors/Minors or those intending to major/minor in NRSCI or Psychology. Fulfills the NS-L distribution. Prerequisites: PSYC-101WL or PSYC-101NL, an additional Psychology course at any level and STAT-113; or permission of the instructor. You MUST also register for a section of PSYC-205L in the same semester.

Mark Oakes
Fall 2023
Course Code:
PSYC 205