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The fall semester of Health Coaches is focused on understanding the role of different members of the health care team, gaining perspective on the nature of chronic disease, and learning skills including motivational interviewing. This course includes an experiential learning component known as Community Based Learning (CBL). The CBL component will require students to participate in a community placement, outside of class time, on a weekly basis throughout the semester; on average students can expect to spend up to/at least two hours per week in the community. This will allow students the opportunity to practice the skills being discussed in class. Multiple physicians and health care administrators will speak to students about a variety of topics including the role of the health coach, population health, empathy, end of life care, cardiovascular screening, Diabetes Mellitus, and the changing face of medicine. Instructor permission only. This course does not count towards Biology major credit. You cannot take this course pass/fail. Requisites: Pre-reqs: BIOL-101 and BiOL-102 - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

Jane Kring
Fall 2023
Course Code:
BIOL 304